About Us

Randy C.

Randy Covington

Founder, Owner

Welcome to Katanga Arms, where we’re passionate about building things with our own two hands. Our founder, Randy Covington, fell in love with building shotguns about 10 years ago and quickly made it one of his passions. He enjoys spending time outdoors, exploring new places, and building things with his own two hands. As a single dad, Randy started Katanga Arms to take control of his financial future and provide a better life for his family.

At Katanga Arms, we believe that everyone can experience the joy of building their own firearm. Our products allow you to connect with your weapons in a unique and special way, instilling a sense of independence and accomplishment. Our build experience teaches you the basics of how a firearm works, and customization options allow you to create a weapon that’s truly unique to you.

At Katanga Arms, we’re dedicated to providing high-quality, innovative shotgun-building kits that empower our customers to create something truly unique. Whether you’re an experienced gunsmith or a first-time builder, we believe that everyone can benefit from the satisfaction of building something with their own hands. We can’t wait to help you start your own shotgun-building journey!

Our purpose is rooted in our name: Katanga Arms. The Katanga Lion from Africa represents strength, courage, and independence – qualities that we strive to embody in everything we do. Whether you’re looking to build your own shotgun for sport, hunting, or personal protection, we’re here to support you on your journey. At Katanga Arms, we’re more than just a business – we’re a community of builders, explorers, and innovators who believe that anything is possible if you’re willing to put in the work.

Our Purpose